Finally, in the summer of 2009, some different winds began to blow in the club. To the great joy of the fans, Amar Osim sat on the bench again, and a positive atmosphere began to surround Grbavica. Almost immediately, good results began to arrive – the kind that Željezničar deserves and should achieve from season to season. Seven years without a championship title, or six years since the last trophy for the winner of the BiH Cup, was too long for a club like ours.

Already in the first game, Osim did something unthinkable for his predecessors. The victory in Zenica over Čelik came as the first triumph after more than two years without a win away from home. And just like the start of the 2009/2010 season, the end was just as brilliant. The title was returned to Grbavica after years of drought, and we were a little short of getting the double crown. The away goal rule left Željezničar without the double crown, which was in effect in the Cup final duels with Borac, although Željezničar did not lose a single match in this competition.

CUP BIH Čelik – Željezničar 0:3 / Photo: Feđa Krvavac

However, the wait for the trophy was not long. The following season, our team won the BiH Cup without feeling the bitterness of defeat. In the final, we convincingly defeated Čelik from Zenica 4-0 in a double match. The great triumph in Zenica, 0-3, in front of a large number of our fans, will be especially remembered. Unfortunately, we fell a little short of achieving the double title once again because Borac celebrated in an uncertain race with our team in the championship, which lasted until three rounds before the end of the championship.

But the 2011/2012 season finally brought a new, long-awaited, double crown. Željezničar was unrivaled on both fronts, as evidenced by a record 35 games without defeat! A new record was also set in the number of tied championship victories. The series of twelve triumphs even reached the first place in the world. Neither in this season, nor in the previous two seasons, was there a defeat in the Cup, where we defeated Široki Brijeg in the final.

Dupla Kruna 2011/2012
Double Crown 2011/12