The youth academy of FK Željezničar is, by all indicators, the best football school in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Great talents, football players, and individuals who have had significant international careers started their football journey in our club. This is best evidenced by the playing structure of the current national team of our country, which includes a large number of football players who wore the blue jersey and learned their first football steps in our school.

The policy of our club is based on careful and dedicated work with youth categories. The youth academy of FK Željezničar provides optimal conditions for all its participants, which include working with professional and educated coaches, proper conditions for the development of a sports personality, healthy competition that encourages the competitive spirit through “fair play,” constant improvement of work methods, following modern trends in training and working with children, maintenance, and further development of the entire training infrastructure, so that the conditions for activities in the youth academy improve every day and the quality approaches the conditions of youth academies in Europe.

Being a member of a Youth Academy means learning not only the first football steps but also the values that have always been inherited by our club, which can truly influence the proper development of a child and their personality as a whole. Therefore, the Youth Academy with 440 students rightfully represents the foundation and pride of the most trophy-winning club in Bosnia and Herzegovina.